Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Not even there yet and look what happens ;)

Ok, so I know I said I wasn't going to blog, but I am not in Pakistan yet, and it was a pretty crazy day. so here goes.

Woke up around 6 am feeling pumped, read for a bit then played some guitar outside of Shawn and Hayley Cuthill's house in Toronto. I met one of their neighbours as she walked her dog Lucky. Then we had breakfast and greeted Hillary. Later that afternoon things got crazy, as we traveled downtown via bus, then subway (which I had never been on), and finally street car (which I also had never been on). I was the only one out of the 8 wearing Pakistani stuff (which I didn't mind, because the rest were complaining about heat) and I was carrying baby Joseph's stroller. We ate an awesome meal and the crew stopped to get some icecream, which i wasn't too interested in so i stood outside. Out of nowhere this girl passing me and Mel B, looks at me and says "You're hot!", to which I replied thankyou, giving her my grin and Mel my "what-was-that-all-about look". She just laughed at me. After that we headed back to the subway terminal via streetcar, which is where the fun really begins. You see, with this stroller, I was slightly encumbered, so when the rest of the crew packed onto the subway, there wasn't any room left. I moved down the line, but the subways are pretty quick so I missed the train. As it pulled away, I looked at Matt and tried to mouth the words "which stop" to which he shrugged his shoulders. I tried to do the same with Ben, but he was already of range. Chuckling to myself I waited for the next train, and had a grand time all alone, with every other person staring at me like I was a white guy dressed in Paki clothes with a stroller... except that I was!!! To make a long story short, I hopped off the train around Eglinton, then deduced that the most likely stop they would be at was Finch, because I wasn't paying very close attention to which street we were on, etc... Luckily Finch was at the end of the line northwards, and it turned out to be right. The Lord is good. We made it home, and half the crew went out to talk with a Pakistani guy who was involved in some parliamentary thing... I guess they will tell me when they get back. So I grabbed my guitar and played outside again, only to have another girl pop her head around the corner and compliment me on my playing... Needless to say I gotta be super careful around girls, maybe I won't grin at them anymore... O by the way, I get to eat lunch at Buckingham palace. Thankyou for your prayers, take care everyone!


Sunday, June 26, 2005

Apple Blossom in the Wind

While on this earth, there is no place I can go which will give me rest from the war with sin. There is no magical field of flowers, no grand summit, no calm, watery floor which can pause the battle. There is no enemy more fierce, more cunning, or more injurious to the soul. It takes no prisoners, uses all means of attack, and grows with each victory. And it is with me until the day I die. It is every thought of God hated, every gift of God despised, and every motive of God challenged. Until I recognize what evil the Spirit wars against, what lustful pride, I will never begin to lean on the Spirit for victory. Owen had it right, though he is difficult to understand sometimes. We are all in a war, whether we are in Pakistan or Canada. By far the most challenging thing about this trip will be continuing to trust the Spirit in this war. Keep it in the forefront of your mind, the seriousness of sin. Hate it, kill it. Realize that you will continue to fight for the rest of your life and look to Jesus. Hebrews 12:3: "For consider Him who endured much hostility from strangers against himself, so you will not grow weary and lose heart." Pakistan is not that different from Canada, there are just less people there willing to fight against sin. I urge you my friends, to fight. And if I return we can ask eachother how we have done.

Peace favour your sword.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Plane Contest

Ok folks I was cruising through blogs today and noticed on Caleb Hunt's blog a link to a 27k plane game made by some kid in Korea. Now at first I laughed at the idea, then I played it, and laughed harder at the fun. My little bro and I played a long time trying to get as far as possible, which brings me to the current Plane Contest. If you can beat my current score: 49.8 seconds I will write the "Plane Song" which will include an honorable mention of your name and score. I realize that I have no way of knowing if your score is legit, so you will just have to be honest. Also, in order to qualify, I have to know who you are. In the next couple days before pak I will continue to better my score so this post may be updated. The contest ends when I get back from Pakistan in August. If your score is better than mine when I get back, you win! Good luck, have fun, and watch Han Solo in Star Wars V for tips!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Shades of Green, Gray, and Blue

The CD is done. 12 tracks, total time: 37:02. Let me know if you want a copy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Ballad of Joseph Wiliam

A baby cries and for the first time opens his eyes
Mother and Father are beaming and dreaming
Cause they know the way
And they'll teach their son to pray

With his mother's milk he feeds on the word of God
These building blocks of life will grow character as strong as trees
Joseph cries in the night
Wakes a Mom and a Dad O so tired
They rush out to hold him tight
His soft little snores their delight

The burden to provide will never match the joy
For Christ guides this family through every storm
Joe is in God's hands
To do with as He sees fit
And Joe seems pretty content

Calm of His Storm

I watched lightning tonite down at the park near my house around 2:45. I guess that means it is the morning... I have been wondering about lots of stuff, since my mind seems to have a default setting of 'high', with a temporary 'medium' setting when I fall unconscious.
In any case, I was wondering about the term "Quality of Life". At a seminar at my work we discussed this term briefly with respect to the people we serve. Everyone in the room was adamant that 'quality of life' is completely subjective, and though I didn't voice my opinion then, I am not so sure. It relates to the storm because I saw the great power of God displayed across the sky, and thought of his control over events in this world. I suppose I sort of philosophize the idea behind "Quality of Life", which is that any individual person decides for themselves what kind of life is of quality, when I suggest that the only "Quality of Life" possible is through Christ, and everything else must be measured by that standard. However it gets interesting when one discusses "Quality of Life" in reference to non-believers. Could one person's idea of "Quality of Life" impose on another person's? I believe so. Which makes me wonder how any talk of "Quality of Life" can be purely subjective, with no anchor or point of reference. Perhaps I'm blowing this out of proportion, so feel free to enlighten me. At least the lightning is straightforward: God is in control. That is where my quality of life is found: In the calm of His storm.

ps. my apologies for no ballad, its coming soon. p-stan t-15 days

-fox thought

Monday, June 13, 2005

'...See now I ride my Camel high, and I'm aiming for the needle's eye...'

i wonder what it is like to ride a Camel...

-night awakes are starting to get to me. I think I had a hunk of bread for supper, or was that breakfast... I'm not too sure. its actually tommorow and this post is for today, which is yesterday, but not for me. Needless to say i look forward to a somewhat more structured sleeping pattern. By the way, I love muggy weather. P-stan in 17.

for great justice,

Todd the fox

Monday, June 06, 2005

CD Construction

Well I figured out why all of my recordings sound like Darth Vader is constantly inhaling in the background: I forgot to turn off a switch which boosts the input of my microphone, and as such it also amplifies any 'white noise'. I am happy that I can fix the problem, but it also means I have to re-record a bunch of songs. O well. On that note I finally wrote some lyrics to a tune I have been strumming on my guitar for well over a week. Inspiration is a funny thing eh? One day nothing, the next day a tidal wave of ideas. Best to consistently write down ideas, as AndyMack keeps suggesting, so you never miss the opportunity to include them. Aunt Deb I've decided to compile a CD of songs pre-Pakistan trip, so I will be sure to get you one before I go. That reminds me... 24 days.

Spend Some Time With Me

Spend some time with me walking through a valley full of flowers blooming in the sun
I lift my head to the sky and wonder at your grace and power its all around me
So I open up your word
And see the justice of the cross
A righteousness mine all of you for all of me

The Saviour weeps for Adam's race who know only how to hate the God who gives them breath
What kind of love can it be which saw this Saviour die for me, satisfying God's wrath
And He hangs upon the tree
God's glory on His mind
The darkness it comes the transaction made, and we are saved

What response should I give to the Christ who rose on high and intercedes for me
A life of holiness He asks and by His spirit it's achieved Sanctified and pure
O to spend much time in his word
So to fall down on my knees
To glorify his name until he calls me home

Sunday, June 05, 2005

25 days...

Frisbee was a blast, except now I am being reminded why my legs were not meant to run all day. I am pretty sure I sprained something, but it can't be as bad as the guy who willingly jumped over the Hope Valley Cliff, tsk tsk... In other news Matt and Ruth came down, I held baby Joe in my arms, and there are 25 days left until the trip. Please pray for the Team.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Well after putting the laptop away for a month I have decided to bring it back out and check blogs and emails more regularily. I apologize to those regular people who keep wondering where I went to, it was a needed time of rest. In the time off I wrote another song, which has not been recorded yet, (or at least what my version of a recording is, complete with background static... etc.) but will be soon. I am currently working on another, which brings the total number of songs I might put on a CD close to 12. O ya, I also finished my ballad for Joseph William Cook, but I will post it a little later after I do some fine tuning of lyrics and music. I believe I will get to see the little guy tommorow (hee hee) at the milliscus tournament at Hope Valley. Thanks Mack for the chat today, it was refreshing.

Dance to the End

Who would have thought, this was the plan
A week to remember and I'm at it again.
It seems this solitude made a wreck of my mind,
Humbled by things of a wonderful kind.

Living by faith and fighting a war,
Few are practicing the sword anymore.
Gotta sit down and think, read Romans again,
Treasures to be found, a pearl from my friend

And that boy danced a solid tune
With the sky framed in ocean blue
That grin on his face, he was ready to dance to the end.

Life on a roll, its been quite a ride
Searching for wisdom only He can provide.
Probing the depths of His infinite grace,
Resting therin she doesn't feel out of place.

And with Apple Blossoms in her hair
She didn't care who came to stare
Cause she made up her mind, she was ready to dance to the end

With Christ sufficient for the pair
And a goal they both wished to bear
They took up some words and were ready to dance to the end.