Thursday, June 29, 2006


I'm not sure where this post will go.

Notice how I didn't use the continuous tense, "will be going". Its either for two reasons. 1) I'm grammatically lazy like most North American English speakers, or 2) There is a purposeful attention-drawing point, which is most likely only noticed by you the reader because I mentioned it in grueling description. For those who were wondering, why did Todd write that the way he did, congrats, I applaud your intentionalness in being attentive to language. Because, it is important.

se v enThe things humans communicate are important. Therefore the medium and all the governing rules of it become immediately important. Not in and of themselves, but because they are the vehicle by which we connect with people. Like a language, or a grammar system, or a gesture, or specific physical contact. For written language, this culture finds it very tedious to spend time thinking about why someone writes the way they do. Like why did I indent this paragraph 7 times instead of 5. Did you check? Do you care? Probably not. And to be honest, on that point, I don't really care, because it makes little difference in what I am communicating. I believe the trend of today is that people are much more interested in dump-trucking (haha I just verbed a word) information by whatever means or words possible, as long as the core of the message is understood. Just get the gist of it. Just gist. You see? You can figure out the basics of what I meant. And it has become sort of fun to try and decipher what the crap people are saying on msn. A good puzzle. The best thing of all is that muddled writing indifferences (hehe) and protects the writer. Something can't be offensive if it is barely understood.

and I'm guilty of this the same way
you are. and i'm probably breaking my own rules. Which is the point I suppose. I would like to be (as far as possible) aware and in control of my tongue, or this electronic one, and every manner or means it uses to communicate. I thoroughly enjoy quality language manipulation, both in speech and in grapho. As long as it is done with a desire to enrich life, instead of out of pride and arrogance. Consider grapho for a moment. It refers to the greek word 'grapho' which represents the idea of writing. I could very well take pride in the idea that some people would not be able to reason out why I did that, or what it meant, or even further, that it had some Oobie-Doobie Greek etymology. And to be honest, I have abused language in what I say and write in this way before. That doesn't mean don't have fun with language. But be careful (that is full of the attribute of caring) in how you say what you say. Don't lord it over others. Furthermore,

and to the second point: which might be more impointant than the first one:

what we say always affects something. Broad, possibly vague, but I believe true. And thus howww we say it also affects something. Be intentional about how as well as what. Ask or watch Noah Salo write poetry, and you may get a good idea. I am very much still learning about this entire topic. God is an intentional God. This is dangerous. It means that nothing happens with out his intending it to happen. Do things come out of your mouth or keyboard which you did not intend. Do they come out of mine? God intentionally kills those who hate his name. He intentionally saves those who hate him. He intentionally enjoys fellowship with himself and those who love him. What he says, and the way in which he says it, he intends.

11 this time.

where will you go.?
will it be

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It’s a dangerous way to live.

I agree with Jer about the DW article in Relevant Mag. Check it out.

Luke and I are well, trying to live Christ in a culture that is very different from where we come from. I am encouraged though by some of Derek's thoughts here.

This was particularily interesting...

"I cannot think like an American. I cannot think like whatever it is I am. I have to think about one who looks ahead to King Jesus on the throne and His kingdom and Him ruling righteously and perfectly, because that is the kingdom that is coming. That is the government that we long for. That is not the government we are in now. There is a point at which, with what look like political decisions, where I have to pull back. Politics is a broken system, especially a two party system. It’s really hard. I think there is work to be done. I feel like there is kingdom building that can happen in that arena, but it is not ideal. It is really difficult."