Monday, January 30, 2006

From the loo.

I have had quite the weekend down here in Waterloo. I had the opportunity to go on a retreat which encompassed the University/College/Working folk of a church here, the Laurier Christian Fellowship, the Waterloo Christian Fellowship, and the Guelph/Brantford crew. About 120 people in total were at the retreat, and it was used by God to effect powerful change in many people's lives, because it was focussed on Acts 16, and in particular, the idea of laying down what we think is our right to have authority in life. The thing that hit me most, I think, was that we are called to lay down what we believe to be our right to have security in life, and submit to what Jesus calls us to. No more chasing after a University Degree for the purpose of getting a job so I can pay bills. Instead, chasing after a community of people whom I love and cherish, and want to spend time affecting people with for the kingdom of God. That means moving with them, living with them, loving and hurting with them, exhorting them, encouraging them, and having the same done to you.

The question was posed: "What authorities currently control your life, which are not honouring to Christ" (paraphrase)

And it struck me that World of Warcraft was becoming a real problem in that way. I was desiring to spend time playing that game more than spend time with Jesus. Paralleling this weekend, Heather and I have been studying Isaiah 45-47, and in 46:5,9 It speaks about How there is none like God. Nothing is like Him at all. So I resolved (and actually wrote it on a piece of paper) that, when I get home I am going to burn WoW. Take the CD's, put them in the case, go outside to the garage and throw them in the stove. Then light it on fire. The crazy thing is, that is not nearly as intense or momentous a decision, as some other one's I have been pondering. It comes back to the idea of security. Have I been studying at University hoping to get a degree so I can make a living and support a wife, etc... I think the answer is yes, and I believe that that is a bad motive. The motivation I have for anything I do should be to Glorify Christ, and the best way to do that is to spend time in a community with people willing to do the same, and seeking to invite others to join their lives. So Heather and I have been praying a lot recently about what the summer might look like, and where the Lord is directing us in the coming year. Pray that I would not chase what the world chases! Pray that I would not depend on the security of wealth, or social status, or job status that this world craves so much. Pray that I would cling to Christ instead.

Thanks friends,


Monday, January 23, 2006

4 little lessons

Frozen face, frozen face,
It takes a race to set the pace of pain in my head.
Chew, chew, loud and strong,
show me what it means to chew!
Chew while you can, chew for me,
But don't chew on that fruit tree!
Oh no, too late, and now the race
has more to worry about then clothes on
cold days.

Lord let the law thaw my frozen heart,
To bring the pain which comes from consistently
in this unsatisfactory candy,

which rots my soul.

-the bard 23/01/06

Monday, January 16, 2006

Coming soon!

thoughts on the phrase: "both truths" with reference to how the church deals with scripture.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

This world has nothing for me, and this world has everything

I'm tired of you
throwing up all over me
And even more tired of
Eating your regurgetated breakfast;
Reflexes numb,
Conscience cold,
Tatste buds writhing in protest.

I find the gall to return to the table
in search of some crumbs.
Fast food remorse declines fresh bread,
So that I'm unsatisfied a step out of the door.
I want more.

-the bard 12/01/06

An analysis of what it means to be fulfilled (or in this case filled) by the world rather than by Christ. I think the key to the poem is the line 'fast food remorse declines fresh bread', because it speaks to the state of the human heart. For a season people may regret their efforts to find satisfaction in worldly things, but the motive is wrong, because they go back to it, rather than to Jesus. We would rather stuff our faces with McDonalds than feast at God's table. I am attempting to (as I probably do in most of my poetry) impress a vivid image at the beginning of the piece, which is a metaphor for the more abstract meaning which flows from the second portion. The hope is that the image is stuck in the mind and referred back to when the abstract thought is dealt with, so that a lasting parallel is made between the two, and a concrete change in life is demanded. If I continually write the same material, it condemns me for not dealing with the issue. And I like it that way. For me poetry is another medium by which I work out my thoughts and feelings, which hopefully results in changes to my life.

Only through Christ's working can I find satisfaction in God. Only with new eyes can I see Him as lovely, and only with a new heart can I adore what I see.

Peace friends!


Monday, January 09, 2006

The smile behind the laugh

My Dad and I tend to clash personality-wise, which puts a strain on how we interact while doing jobs around the house, etc... So today I was asking the Lord to give me a good attitude while helping Dad out in taking out some seats from a van. And it was a struggle, but we got through it without any problems. The entire time my Dad was uncertain as to whether he should even pull the seats out and go through the hassle it may cause. Then the funniest thing happened. Dad comes in and tells this story:

"So I'm going through the van cleaning out the holes where the seats latch into, and I find a quarter. I said to myself, 'I'm going to be rich'. Immediately I turned to my right and found a plastic bag containing around $50."

This story made me laugh. We made $50 pulling a seat out of the van, when we thought it wasn't even worthwhile to do so. There was a smile behind my laugh though. Dad was thinking about adapting the van so that a few people in wheelchairs would not have to count on the City Bus Service to get to church on Sunday (it is always booked up on Sundays). I think God is telling him to go for it.

Giving allows us to demonstrate where our joy is truly found: The glory of God in Christ.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

A new song...

Spiritually Wild

The burden of your heart is salting your cheeks
And meekly you go down onto your knees

Has it always been this way
You going to Him before me
Clearly you are living properly

Time Spent selflessly awaiting your turn
A faithful friend a refuge from the waves

Consistently pointing to Christ
Enjoying it all the while
Baby you are spiritually wild

-the bard