Friday, May 26, 2006

An experience unlike any other

Luke and I are doing well this chilled friday afternoon. As we sit in the freshly (2005) constructed Timmins library, looking forward to a day of conversation with family, reading and relaxation, my mind wanders back to an odd experience I had two days ago. For some context, know that a week ago I was extremely close to quiting this crazy job of tree-planting, for the simple reason that I miss Heather quite a lot. Those feelings of longing have not changed, but my attitude toward the situation has, and this is all due to God's grace. Its funny how crazy this culture is, and it is interesting to note how affectatious every word, action, and deed becomes in shaping the attitude of a work day. My response this past week has been to breathe deeply of the word of God, and pray continually. And this is what happened as a result:

I was planting on my own this particular day, filling in a long row of swamplike terrain, which was brimming with stumps, fallen logs, and the like, singing praises to God and cherishing the fact that (if nothing else) I have the ability to spend 8 solid hours relatively unhindered in concentrating on Jesus, and how excellent he is. All of a sudden, as I was singing the lines of some song like "Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him", or something Derek wrote, I began to cry. And then I began to weep, tears of joy flooding my face. It was not due to the hardship of the job, but rather the realization that Jesus lives, and that he is all I need. It really hit me. The experience continued off and on for 15 minutes, and I was stunned by what had taken place. I must have looked insane: a guy in tree-planting gear, laughing, singing and weeping as he runs around planting trees. But it was an extraordinary experience. Nothing flashy or earth shattering, or irrational. It was that realization of the mind which struck my heart the way a particularily tasteful chord strikes the ear, and I was floored by the thought that Jesus is alive, and in control, and beautiful.

Treeplanting continues to be challenging, but now the challenge is turning more from the work, to the people. The mission field here is as ripe as any, and many preliminary conversations I have had with people reveals a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, but a common thread of interest and openness to the things of God. My chief goal in the next month is to spend as much time as possible listening to people, and explaining why my life is full of joy and happiness because of the one I love. Jesus is to be held in high esteem, and my actions (I pray) will mirror that. Pray for Luke and I, as we endeavour to help these people find real joy. Pray that we would not judge those whom we were once very much like. Pray that we would work dilligently to uphold the truth of God's word, and let that message offend people, rather than the way we say things carry the offence.

Thankyou friends, and may God strike your hearts with a similar fire for the lost that he has founded in me this week.

Grace and Peace in Christ,


Sunday, May 21, 2006


Luke and I are tree planting! Its craziness, but we are alive and currently in Timmins. It is snowing.... and its May. Welcome to the North... sigh. In any case, it is good to read blogs, and write emails. Cheers all, chase Christ, and adore Him!

The Todd... still kickin

Saturday, May 06, 2006

the Plant

Heading to the bush; Its my last day in ptown. Pray that Luke and I will honour God in all we do. Peace to all of my friends, and all of my enemies...

I will try and update if I get internet access.

'who you are when you are alone is who you are'

God bless,


Friday, May 05, 2006

And you thought we were normal :)

A wedding invitation picture which didn't make the cut