Wednesday, February 22, 2006



She was looking mighty fine
Dressed in pure white
Her husband down the aisle
He was smiling

The bridesmaids all in a line
And everything down to the letter
You'd fallen deep in love
And there you settled

You're married to the Law
And looking like a white-washed tomb
Vanity stirred by your husband
Choking on a whirlwind of dust

You bore all kinds of sin
Through Adam's filthy seed
You can't satisfy your husband
And he's unable to save you

His jurisdiction over you exists only in life
You'll never be free of what you love until he dies

-the bard 21/02/06

New Album

The Lord provided some inspiration through Steven Yuille's sermon on Romans 7, and I am working on writing an Album about the Law. The main purpose is to declare what the Law is, what it does, and the misconceptions behind what many evangelicals think of it.

The Law

1. Jurisdiction

2. Function I (defines and reveals sin)

3. Function II (arrouses and convicts)

4. Feeling You are Dead

5. Ignorance of Sin

These are just a start, and may change. I have been kicking around the idea of either adding more songs about the Law (from thoughts on Romans 6), or doing the other half of the CD on grace. For the next little while I will be writing and posting lyrics for the songs above.

the bard.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Band Photos?

Guitarist/Vocalist/Writer turned Rag doll

Social/Psychological Support Technician turned Fiancee

Sound/Computer Genius turned Sound/Computer Genius?

Pianist/Floutist/Vocalist turned Microphone Muncher

Saxophone/Keys/Harmonica/Violin Player turned Used-Car Salesman

Percussionist turned Detective

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Guess What !!!

Its Thursday!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Isaiah 47

My thoughts on Isaiah 47. This is taken directly from my journal, so it may be a tad bit scattered.

Observational Questions/Thoughts

What is the significance of 'virgin daughter' in Biblical cultures? -v1
Why are the adjectives 'tender' and 'delicate' used? (look up other defs) -v1
What is a millstone? -v2
What is the significance of veils and skirts in Biblical cultures? -v2

Who is the speaker taking vengeance on? -v3
Is the passage saying that the Redeemer takes Vengeance? -v4
What does the phrase 'Holy One of Israel' Signify? -v4
Who is the Queen of Kingdoms? Babylonian? Chaldean? -v5

What does this mean: "I profaned his heritage" ? -v6
Is this because the speaker is "Angry with my people"? -v6

Is God blaming/punishing the Chaldeans for not being merciful? -v6

I will be queen - prideful thoughts -v7
You did not consider nor remember the outcome - forgetful, uncaring, unwise? -v7

Sensual one? (need def) -v8
Dwells securely? (need def) -v8

I am and there is none beside me - more prideful words -v8

Can the Queen control -v8
1. Security?
2. Whether she is a widow or not?
3. Whether she loses children or not?
-Are these the kinds of things which are valued in that culture?

How can her wisdom and knowledge delude? -v10
Delude? (need def)

Why does evil come on her? -v11
(due to Pride I would suspect, but that is for later)

What does this mean: "For which you cannot atone?" -v11
-Is this saying that the Queen cannot pay for her evil?
Suddenly? (need def) -v11

Is God mocking? Or challenging? with this phrase: -v12
"Stand fast in your spells... perhaps you will be able to profit,"

Are these statements true?
1. She can't save herself -v13
2. Astrologers can't save her -v13
3. Those who laboured with her can't save her. -v15

Interpretive Thoughts

Main Point

1. Pride
A. God will Judge Babylon/Chaldea for their pride.
B. Nothing will save them.

A. They are proud
i. Of their security -v8
ii. Of Self -v8
-thinks she is safe from widowhood, childlessness.

-God Judges suddenly -v9
-God Judges in full measure -v9

B. Nothing will Save them
i. She can't save herself -v12
ii. Astrologers can't saver her -v13
iii. Labourers can't save her -v15

-The will all burn -v14

Other Thoughts (Applicational)

Big questions left:

What does this mean: I profaned my heritage? Why? -v6

Am I trusting in security? Security in life, school, marriage, job, etc...? -v8

What does this mean: Say in my heart? -v8

Applicational thoughts:

1. Kill Pride

-Best way to kill pride is to put Christ first, and other people second

Practical things

1. Ask Questions of people
2. Listen closely to what they say.
3. It is alright to leave questions unanswered. Constantly trying to resolve problems often leads to a misunderstanding of the person, or a lack of depth in the relationship needed for such resolutions.
4. Ask for help from someone who is more gifted than you in a certain area.
5. Ask someone to pray with you/for you. (Quite the humbling experience if you are sincere)
6. Fast. It tends to destroy pride because every time you feel hungry it is a reminder that you are denying your body as a symbol of denying your fleshly lusts and appetites. It also gives one a better perspective on prayer.
7. Plead with Jesus to change your heart so that you are not proud. Ask specifically. The purpose for asking specifically is not for God's sake but for your own. When you pray specifically you are reminded of a concrete example of pride, and you will build up a desire to destroy it. Generalized prayers tend to be looked upon with indifference or apathy. Many people can pray, "Lord help me with pride." It is harder to pray for a specific instance in your life, because it is shaming and personal.
8. Continually think of others as more important than yourself. This is more than just a thought process however. It must touch the heart or else it becomes useless practically. However, you will never naturally be humble. It takes the Lord working through your mind, which effects your heart, and changes your actions. Pray to this end.

Keep on striving to kill pride brothers and sisters. God is made to look extremely good when his children are full of humility.



Friday, February 03, 2006

Funny Carlton Cards from the Past

So my mom found this Carlton Birthday Card which was given to my dad from a friend of his a long time ago. Its pretty funny, so I thought I would share it.

Seize the day.

Seize the carpet.

Seize the checkbook.

Seize the toilet paper.

Seize an idiot.

Fish of the day.

Seize The Midol.®

Seize the rice cake.

Seize the knuckles.

Seize the Sugar Smacks.®

Seize the smut.

Seize some birthday Cake!

-the bard

Thursday, February 02, 2006

the loo continued...

Ya, so I've been doing a ton of thinking in the last three weeks or so. And I believe something needs to come out of all of that soon. Something is brewing, and I expect its going to be large. But now I need to go think some more...

more to come...