Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today, I was asked to take a trip down to the basement of my house. Upon arriving at the last step, I glanced around, noticing hideous spiders, and creepy appliances. On the way back up the stairs, having just retrieved the garden hose, I chanced to look to the right of the bottom stair. There scrawled on a piece of cardboard in black 'sharpie' were the quaint words: "Here lies Frodo, R.I.P."...

thanks Shane.

-Composed by Todd and Heather Anderson (each using one hand)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Recent Happenings

Well folks, life moves quickly when you dig holes all day... Work has been full of long hours, which means money and exhaustion. It is strange to be so busy when I was at one time so free to use my time as I pleased. Heather and I were able to go on a date downtown, which itself is a blast, but with her is far better. I suppose that means it was something like a large explosion... Strange analogies for time spent together. We were checking out bookstores on Water street, and I need to revisit in order to stock up on some classics, but here is what we decided to add to the growing library on Aylmer street.

Heather - Do it Yourself Gifts (a make it at home gift book idea, which included sewing patterns, and the like. Three cheers for domestication! I love my wife)

-William Wordsworth biography by E. Hershey Sneath
-Major works of Wordsworth (Red spine classics edition)
-10 Colloquies of Erasmus.

I had my eye on a biography of Augustine, and some of Thomas Moore's works, but now that I think about it, I either have to learn to read like Spurgeon, or be content with the fate of having far to many books on my 'TO READ' list. In any case, it was a splendid day which included a trip to Gator Pita, as well as the splendid experience of getting kicked out of a new patio, which had a very open concept but was intended for customers of "Dancing Blueberries". We ought to observe that one on another outing. Its always good to alliterate. Do you ever get that hankering to Figure of Speech? You lean over to your buddy and say, "Lets go personify some glass!" It sounds like stealing...

We also had a chance to visit Giant Tiger and see Caleb out at HVDC. It was there that we bumped into Dan and Rachel Sargeant, hung out at their house eating Rhubarb muffins and drinking Arab tea, speaking about the most important kinds of things.

My project for the next week is to spend time critically writing about some of the musical issues at Braidwood Bible Chapel. I plan on coming up with some solutions, so as to take practical steps in solving the problems rather than merely critiquing them. As my thoughts coalesce, I look forward to spending time on this, and hope that it may be useful. In one sense it is very foreboding, because I don't really understand the complications invloved. I do know that there are many people who are fired up about change in this area, and I hope to make it a little bit more concrete. Please pray about these things. I am submitting my work to Stephen June 2nd.

In any case, have yourselves a wonderful weekend, and stop by the house. Thanks to Ben and Mel for their lovely note!


Friday, May 11, 2007


Things are fairly busy in the Anderson/Lawton household. We are getting close to the 'unpacked' stage, but somehow I feel like certain things will never be unpacked. We are about to sit down to another supper, but before that, I just want to post that I am alive, and working long hours, kicking myself for the excess time wasted when I had it, and enjoying the new chapter in this existence. My wife is beautiful, and starting to waddle, which is awesome.

Paul wanted me to post that he is the 'King'. Of what I am not sure... Uh oh! Dinner is on the table. Hopefully will post again soon,