Friday, October 20, 2006

So I have been catapulted into the Publishing industry. I feel like a foose-ball being kicked around by aggressive, and extravagantly coloured, plastic men. The job arose out of a trip to Toronto Baptist Seminary with the C&C (no not command and conquer) group of Grace Bible Church. After a fascinating time, which included a surprise visit from some close friends, and a call to live a life of worship as described in Romans 12, my wife and I drove back to K/W area with a member of the C&C group. On the way home, Heather fell asleep, and I this woman and I talked about life, interests, her job, my lack of one, etc... The conversation came around to my interests in grammar, english, and whether or not I was a fan of the editing/proofing process. This is me. I'm the kid who drools over linguistics, and fusses exceptionally over the grammar and content of every email I send. God's absolute control over the events of this world is astounding. In any case, Janice asked my if I would be willing to work on a book being published through Joshua Press. 5 Chapters into a book on Wesley and Socialism, I am enjoying it thoroughly. I never realized how many endnotes could exist in one chapter. In any case, God is providing, Heather and I are well, opportunities to spend time with the pastor of Grace are growing, and I am studying John and being fascinated. Oh ya, go immediately to and check out the conference stuff. You trent students, listen to it. There is some interesting insight into our post-modern world. Noah, you remind me of Driscoll.

My time is running short,