Monday, November 28, 2005

The Satisfaction Song

The Satisfaction Song

I know you're seeking after happiness.
Well why wouldn't you? I do too!
But we've both been dead for so long,
That anything we get, we can't enjoy.

And we cry for something better.
But by that we just mean more
Of the same unsatisfaction,
'Cause we hate the alternative: loving God.

And what if I told you I found joy?
Not the kind you're used to, this will cost you everything.
Your girlfriend's bed, your selfish praise
Will never match the ravishing delight of Christ.

Get out of your girlfriend's bed!
You're selling yourself short.
Destroy that selfish praise!
You've gotta die to self, to live to Christ.

-the bard 28/11/05

Monday, November 21, 2005

Don't bend your mind too far on this one

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. My birthday was good, and life is moving along at its usual November pace: mindbendingly fast. Why does that sound fast? Beats me. Firstly, I am not even aware of what it would feel like for my mind to be 'bent,' let alone for it to be done so in a manner quicker than average. And secondly, well actually I don't have a secondly. English metaphors can be ridiculous, or perhaps the analysis is ridiculous. Moving on...

I'm jumping back into regularily studying NT Greek. Along these lines are perhaps my latest thoughts about the future, namely Bible Translation. Its exciting stuff. In other news, I am reading a book by Sam Storms called "onething," which discusses the beauty of God, and how we should be thinking more about glorifying and enjoying Him. I also got the chance to listen to John Piper give a biography of Jonathan Edwards, which has heightened my desire to study and know scripture, and actually think about it (which is why I am jumping back into Greek). O ya, and I decided that I'm going to write in Toddish for all my notes (except things I have to hand in...), since it seems to be a focus for me. Ah, good times.

I haven't written any songs lately, but I have been learning the piano a bit. Luke taught me a few things to start, and I'm using whatever time available to play. Its been fun so far. Assignments are looming, and I feel as busy as ever. I guess I can only laugh at myself for how much I get involved with.

Braidwood is going great at the moment. I feel like there is a revival happening in the church, in terms of a passion to know God and act on that. I feel closer to the people there, and it is cool to be a part of. And the chorus book is starting to be used, with guitars at the front and stuff! (I know folks, don't blow a gasket mulling that one over. God is good :)

Godspeed my friends!


Saturday, November 12, 2005


more to come...