Thursday, June 14, 2007


Snail-backed words slime
Whale-bone swords white

What is a snail-backed word?
a slowwwwwww
HarD expression,
which is difficult to grasp.

Fast! Whale-boned swords come lasT
In strength and speed.
A club of white wasted in battle.

Stream of consciousness is good for nothing.


sustaining the muscle we call Creativity,
which ebbs with silence and inactivity.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Crimson flames tie my tongue

Finally its the end of a work-week! I don't have very much to say at the moment, but I blog in order to keep up the writing. My current project for the week has suffered from my work schedule, which is dissapointing, but hopefully reconcilable. Discussions with my work-mates have lead down many paths, but one which has crossed the threshold from passing comment to conversation is the philosophy of humour. I talked with one coworker about the motives of humour, and why it is human beings laugh at things. In our context, we thought it was interesting that men tend to cover over concern for the well-being of another with laughter. Thus, it is easier to laugh at someone than for that person to find out you care. What gets me is the relative vulgarity of humour. Jokes are relegated to the inferior category of 'wit' and 'pun' if they are not cutting and/or sexual. And really, it makes me sad. We were designed to build one another up, and to glorify a powerful and awesome God in the words we use. Oh how my own tongue makes me to be a flaming hypocrite! Do you find your workplace is a warzone of acid thoughts and dagger smiles? How do you protect your mind and heart?

God's word. Read in the Psalms what David has to say about God's words. Then take steps to confront sin.


Friday, June 01, 2007


Its about 9 pm at the moment, and this week has been ultra busy at work. I had a chance to play some guitar, but I basically strung together whatever of Derek's I felt like playing. Its funny which ones I rotate through. My choice seems to be whatever I have not played in a while, so tonight it was: I repent, I want a broken heart, faith my eyes, high countries(sandra), laden with guilt(sandra), and now and then(sandra). Its funny because I don't listen to a great deal of music. I have only heard demo stuff of Ringing Bells, but I don't really desire to listen to it now. I play stuff over and over, and then go back and find some earlier work, like 'piece of glass' or 'the truth', or 'can't lose you'. Its like my influences go backward too because I am diving more and more into Bob Dylan, working on 'every grain of sand', 'my back page', and 'when he returns'. Well enough musical ramblings for now. For the musician in all of you readers, keep those calluses in tact!

the bard