Thursday, July 27, 2006

Possible Teen Girl Squad Material

Heather and I were going through some of her grade school stuff, and we came across a story she called the "Pioneer Girl". I'll write out the essentials and insert some voice indications. For all of you strong bad enthusiasts out there, I hope you laugh a lot a lot a lot...

The Pioneer Girl

(narrator voice, typical scratchy teen girl)

N: One day Anna was walking down the path. She saw a sign it said: "The pioneer girl is coming to town!!". If you would like to see her sign address here.

Anna (insert cheerleader voice):"I wonder who the pioneer girl is??"

N: She signed up anyway. She put: "Blue house, white windows and red door."

N: She went to sleep thinking: "who is the pioneer girl?" The next morning Anna made breakfast for her younger sister Andrea (she also has another sister named Ashleigh. Ashleigh is only a baby, Andrea is five and Anna is fifteen) Bang bang there was a knock at the door.

Anna: "I wonder who that is"

Anna's Mom: "Please get the door Anna".

N: Anna got the door and there was a girl that she had never seen before.

girl she had never seen before (insert so and so voice): "I'm the pioneer girl, I'm fifteen"

Anna: "Oh. Come on in. I'm fifteen too. My name's Anna."

Pioneer girl: "I'm looking for a place to stay and I'm very good at knitting"

Anna: "Well you could stay here. I'll check with my mom."

N: (the Pioneer girl's name was Leah) Anna came back with a smile on her face.

Anna: "You're aloud to stay."

N: They all had a happy life. Leah helped alot.


Word for word folks. My wife to be is hilarious.

Anyone willing to draw an episode for this one? haha. Peace out.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


39 days and counting. I really need to get a tickerfactory thing. Noah my number is 743-7396, I'll be home friday. I would love to get together in the coming weeks, and experience some of the insight that Christ has granted you in the past months. We're Headed to the Loo today to search for apartments. I hope Hope Valley is treating you well Jer, I may be back in the weeks to come.

Quick thought: Jesus is the most offensive person alive. There is noone else who has scandalized and brought on the hatred of so many people.

I love you Paul; continue to dig into the word. The firm foundation of faith God has placed in you will be a resting place for those who waver. Make sure you share with them what you have learned!!

That's all for now. Heather and I are off to find some place to reside until we get to go home. I look forward to seeing you all soon, if not after I'm dead. Blaze friends, blaze, for time is short!

In Christ,

Todd Edward Anderson

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Studying Brings Joy to the Soul and Honour to Christ

I feel as if I am having a difficult time being impressed by the magnificence of God. The problem of sin in the form of idleness, which has crept up under the guise of 'relief from the stress of wedding planning', has dulled my mind so that the strength of my love for God wanes, and my desire for Him diminishes. Heather and I pondered a solution, and so we have decided to attempt a touch more of a scholarly approach to Bible study, praying that we will once again continue that trend of deepening delight in our saviour. We chose for eachother a passage to analyze and write a 1000 word essay (min) concerning it. Now the purpose here does not demand a rigid form of expression, but it does require a purposeful thoughtflow, with application. I'm excited about it.

This also reminds me that I wanted to encourage everyone else in a thought I had while watching the T.V. show House, which I don't really endorse, as the insightfulness of it all is buried beneath worldliness. But I gleaned one interesting idea. In each episode the doctors brainstorm the cause of some odd combination of ailments, ruling out problems, and testing theories. Each Doctor has a particular area they are specialized in, an area that they have studied intently and are skilled in both knowledge and practice in the application of it. In the same way I think we should continue to lean on one another's teaching, checking to make sure it is sound, but relying on the Holy Spirit to teach us about the nature of Christ, and how to become more like him, through the experience, study, and knowledge of other believers. Most people call this discipleship, but few really experience it. If we stop to think about it, we will continue to be discipled until the day we die. We may learn from people of any age if we truly began the process of learning. Like the proverbs continually say: "The wise man hears and increases in learning." (paraphrase). Living skillfully in God's eyes means being willing to learn from those who are wiser than yourself in a given area. I intend to refresh my life in this way. I desire to be taught more about the satisfying enjoyment of God's glory in the person of Christ.

Which reminds me. Noah keep posting your studies on Pneumatology. I am very interested in hearing your thoughts on what the Bible says concerning the Spirit's role in the Trinity, and how he relates to man. I'll be checking!

Give generously and without pride of the deep rich wells of knowledge and wisdom which the Lord has placed in your hearts for the enjoyment of all peoples. And be quick to listen to those who would do the same.

Peace my friends.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


46 days left... wow

Lots of things left to do, and time is counting down. I may put up a nice counter from tickerfactory seeing as AndyMack doesn't need his anymore! Congrats dude!

I'm in Peterborough at the moment, but the next couple weeks may see me anywhere from Hope Valley to Waterloo. Today I intend to have a lovely chat with some insurance companies... hehehe.

Peace friends.