Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thoughts on anticipation

It is surely a strange thing to anticipate the arrival of your first newborn. Recently I have been reflecting on whether or not it is like waiting for Christ to return. Noone knows the date or time, there are signs of it, and there are a whole host of references that I would include, were I in a dangerous sort of mood, which I am not, but those of you who know your eschatology can deduce and infer all you like.

Needless to say, baby Anderson Mark II has not arrived yet, but plans are being laid for safe arrival if he/she decides to hold out for much longer. Heather is healthy and happy, out shopping with her sister and mother for who knows what! She is however at that classic 'I want the baby out' stage of pregnancy, which is sort of humorous, but really leaves you feeling helpless and powerless, but not impotent.

Ahem... That will be my final dangerous comment in this entry.

In other news, my battles with the wily Trent University Course Calender have been slowly advancing. A few victorious skirmishes have left me re-evaluating the situation, but hopeful of success in the overall campaign. That is to say that I am closing in on the final stages of overload request, and my course list looks different. I apologize Jer, I tried to keep Metaphyz and Epist but it got shot by Philosophy of Religion early tuesday morning in an ambush near a ravine. I tell you, these Registrar people are crafty, but they don't know what's hit them yet!

Butcher's Bill:

English 3150 - Studies in Shakespeare
Philosophy 320 - Metaphysics and Epistemology (for Jer)
MODL 303H - Germanic Linguistics

Current Holdings:

Full Year
ENGL 2000 (205) [Form and Context]
ENGL3250 [Studies in the Romantics]
PHIL 310 [Moral Philosophy]

MODL 302H [Romance Linguistics]
PHIL 275H [Philosophy of Religion]

PHIL 245H [Argumentation and Rhetoric]
MODL 202H [Historical Linguistics]

If I get this excited about the process of registration this year, I wonder what my classes are going to be like...

Anyways friends, keep anticipating, because if you ever stop, you're probably dead.



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