Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hannah Poem - I


There once was a girl named Hannah
who wouldn’t eat her peas.

She stomped her feet and puffed her cheeks
and hit her hands on her knees.

Her mommy exclaimed, “O dear, O no!
why is Hannah acting so?”

Her father mused, “Hmmm hmm, hum hum,
I think I might have to spank her bum!”

With that, little Hannah, being bright, and quick,
picked up her spoon and took a lick.

At first, the taste produced a grim face,
but then she dropped her biased case.

The peas were yummy with a bit of butter,
so much so, that she asked for another


by todd and heather anderson


Jer said...

As I told you, this poem rules face.

Rachel said...

Thats such a great poem. I should send it to my sister ...she hated peas when she was little too.

Anonymous said...

that is one FUCKED UP poem yah got there. my name is hannah and this is insulting.

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